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Well I weighed myself and I'm 140lbs. I'd like to lose at least 20lbs. I'm 5'5".

I'm on a detox diet right now to help clear out my body and help me manage my eating habits and proportions.

Before I started this on Sunday.... I was eating a lot all day. A lot of junk food and fast food at that.

The good thing about this detox diet is that u don't have to buy any special kind of drink or pill.

It's the Bikini Fit detox diet. The book gives you great work out tips with pictures. It helps you lose weight in one month.

I'm going to post the week 1 detox diet if you'd like to try it in the next post. But if u want more info on it I'd suggest go buying the book. Or at least reading it in Barnes & Nobel if u don't have the money right now to buy it. ;)

Jan. 11th, 2009

Hello everyone!

My Internet has been down, but I found a program that makes it easy for me to post and read entries from my phone :)

Today is day one of my diet. Woo hoo! It seems that all I can think about is food. By the end of week one I hope to stop just constantly thinking about food.

My measurements today are;
Chest: 38
Waist: 32
Hips: 38
Upper thiegh: 23 1/2

The scale I got today was broken so hopefully tomorrow I can get a new one and get my weight.

I can't really say how much i'd like to lose just yet since I don't know my weight.

But I do know that I want to weigh between 115-120. I'm 5'5". I'm guessing I weigh about 145 now.

I'll post before pictures tomorrow. Feel free to post your stories :)

Welcome new members!

Welcome dreamslivegal, fizzykola, juicy110, and physics111!

You all have the ability to post your stories and ideas about weight loss now =D

I'm waiting for a few more things to start my video blog on losing weight. I should be able to start by next week. It's going to be tough trying to lose weight during the winter holidays but I think it can be done =D

Thanks to everyone who joined and I welcome any new people who would like to join =D

<3 Crystal

Hello & Welcome! =D

I started this new community so that we can all talk about loosing weight and staying healthy together!
I am going to start video blogging (as well as old fashioned typing) about my progress in loosing weight.

Please join this community to support me and each other in our goals!!!

<3 Crystal


Loosing Weight One Day At A Time!
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