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Lose Weight The Right Way!

One Day At A Time.

Loosing Weight One Day At A Time!
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For real people who are trying to lose weight the right way!

We're on the right track to lose weight!

I created this site because I am TIRED of seeing all those fake ads on my space and all the other big web sites about people loosing 35lbs in a week. We all know it's B.S., but I wanted to start a community for all of us real people trying to lose weight the right way. With DIET,EXERCISE, and TIME.

We can post about our journeys and what we've accomplished so far.

You do have to be approved to be able to post on this community so that rude or unnecessary comments aren't made.

Please join and share your stories with all of us!!!

I am going to be posting video blogs also that take you through my personal journey of loosing weight!